Thursday, January 5, 2012

ATDD using FitNesse course now available!

I am proud to announce that I have joined together with Clarus consulting to create a fabulous ATDD course based on FitNesse. So whether you are in Australia, New Zealand or further abroad, you can now get leading edge coaching to kick start the use of ATDD or FitNesse within your organisation.

However, this 2 day course covers far more than just learning how to use FitNesse. Instead it is a team based learning session during which the whole team, (BAs, testers, developers, product owners), works together to create executable specifications for a project. This experience should in

I've already helped many teams quickly increase their automated testing coverage while at the same time improving communication using FitNesse. And I am truly excited about the huge positive effects that those teams have continued to enjoy after I left. It is these experiences that I leveraged when writing the course.

So if you are ready to find out how to build the right software, and how to build it right so that you can confidently release the software time and time again, then get in touch right now by contacting me here.

Course Overview:

Topics for the course are taken from the following.

Day 1:

Introduction to ATDD

  • ATDD – a new way of working
  • ATDD vs TDD
  • Why we should automate tests
  • Why the whole team should be involved

Specification Workshop

  • How to run a Specification Workshop

Writing up specifications (tests)

  • FitNesse Wiki Basics
  • Guidelines for writing executable specifications
  • Tricks for writing specifications in FitNesse
  • Introduction to FitNesse Automation

Day 2:

Making specifications (tests) executable

  • Coding basic tables
  • Structuring FitNesse code
  • Setting up FitNesse for the team
  • Debugging FitNesse code

Organising specifications

  • Creating a fixture toolbox
  • Organising specifications
  • Suites in FitNesse
  • Source Control and FitNesse

Advanced topics

  • Dealing with legacy systems
  • Solutions to common automation problems
  • Overview of other ATDD tools
  • Tips for successful FitNesse implementations

The course is suitable for teams who are completely new to FitNesse as well as those who are already using FitNesse but want to use it more effectively. Everyone should come away from the course with a solid understanding of how to use FitNesse to collaboratively build executable specifications. Teams familiar with FitNesse will also explore some of the more advanced topics in depth.

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